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OK town hall protest goes viral

Markwayne Mullin Markwayne Mullin

TULSA, OK (KTUL) — A video from Representative Markwayne Mullin’s town hall in Pryor has gone viral, drawing more than a million views.

“We’re allowed to disagree on political issues,” Mullin said over the phone. “That’s OK. We just want everybody to be respectful.”

Indivisible Oklahoma says they followed the rules and even called Mullin’s office asking if peaceful protest was allowed.

“Some of the constituents, who are also members of Indivisible Oklahoma, would possibly hold up small red and green cards,” says Jennifer Harmon, communications director for Indivisible Oklahoma. “We ended that conversation [with Mullin’s Chief of Staff]. They expressed their gratitude that we contacted them. One of them did raise a card and it seemed he was already prepared to make a big deal out of it.”

Law enforcement asked the woman to step outside. She refused. Mullin allowed her to stay but would not allow signs.

“She had kept waving it,” Mullin said the group was causing trouble when all he was trying to do was answer people's questions. “And I had asked her a few times to put it down. And this time, she didn’t want to put it down. That’s when she started using language that she probably shouldn’t have been using.”

“They’re going around all over the country trying to stir up trouble,” Mullin said. “Not just in our town hall meetings."

Information provided by KTUL. 

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