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Children's book series about appropriate touch competes for funding

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A business plan and plane ticket---that's all one Lawton student needs for a chance to compete against students nationwide at Columbia College Student Entrepreneur Showcase Pitch Competition.

That student is Sasha Webster.

She placed in the top ten after submitting a business plan for the chance to win 10,000-dollars to jump start her six-book series titled You are Altogether Beautiful.

"I'm nervous but, I feel like this is my passion,” said Webster. “I feel like this is what I was put here to do."

Webster studies psychology at Columbia College and works with youth in the community.

She said that combination is what led her to discover her love for writing just one year ago.

"I actually didn't even know I wanted to write,” said Webster. “I just work with young girls so, I just start understanding the issues they were having. So, I put it together in a story."

Webster said she grew up without her biological parents in her life causing her to struggle with finding her identity and confidence within herself.

Her hope is her book series "You are Altogether Beautiful" will help young girls like herself struggling with the same issues.

"The books are going to talk about molestation,” said Webster. “They're going to talk about parts of your body that are embarrassing but are growing. They are going to talk about purity. It's going to talk about you know who to choose as your friends."

She said You are Altogether Beautiful is about eight girls that represent real people in her life.

"The eight girls are in an orphanage,” said Webster. “So, they all have different stories of how they got there. Every character is something in nature. My character in the book is a sunflower."

She said her hope is the book speaks to girls that look like herself and sends a positive message.

"I hate turning on the television and looking at images of me portrayed the way they are,” said Webster. “So, I want to show young girls that are not how we are. You don't have to be that way you can be whatever it is you want to be. Even if it doesn't look like you, you can define who you are."

And just like her character in the book she expects to find the light at the end of the competition.

"Even if I don't win,” said Webster. “If someone reads this book and they get something out of it that's a winner to me.”

Webster will know if she won the competition on April 12.

To stay updated on her progress throughout the competition you can follow this story.

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