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Comanche Nation 7th annual Earth Day

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COMANCHE NATION, OK (KSWO)- Friday, Comanche Nation held their 7th annual "Protectors of the Earth Day", focusing on recycling water, and natural products.

The event featured hands-on demonstrations for children and adults about ways to recycle old products at home. The focus was to show tribal and non-tribal members the importance of keeping our earth protected.

Kids from Kiowa Head start used empty water bottles and turned them into bird feeders! Educator said the children were excited to turn something that we use everyday into something useful.

Painting old water bottles, showing the different amounts of Ph levels in everyday drinking water, and planting food and veggies were some the activities presented by different vendors at the Watchetaker Hall in the Comanche Nation Tribal Complex.

7-year-old Arlene loves honey bees and spoke to people about keeping them protected. She spent about a week working on a demonstration and encouraged people to eat more fruit instead of processed food.

"Because like pollen is made up of every single food and if we didn't have bees we wouldn't have food," Arlene said.

Leonard Parker was one of today's vendors and stressed the importance of preserving the earth.

 It's real important, its the only earth we have, water is important and the earth is important is well not just for us, but for our future, for our kids,and our grand kids," Parker said.

Parker said if we don't protect and preserve the Earth and our water supply we could face problems.

"We are going to be in situations that are happening in California right now, fighting for water rights and just like the people at the Dakota Access pipeline they are fighting for their water rights and not to get polluted and we need to be aware just as much as they are," Parker said.

But recycling wasn't the only topic discussed and demonstrated, Lynn Schonchin says people should use more natural based products, keeping our landfill and nature beautiful.

"It lessens the raw resources that have to be gathered in order to make more plastics more aluminum. It help to save money, save energy, "Schonchin said.

There was also a table set up for people to plant their own flower using a vase that's made out of natural material. You can put the entire vase in the ground and watch your flowers bloom over time.

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