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Friends remember life of retired Duncan firefighter, motorcyclist

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Members of Duncan Moose Riders motorcycle group honored the life of retired Duncan firefighter Monty Howell on Sunday. Howell lost his life two years ago in a motorcycle accident when a semi crossed the center line on Highway 81 and hit him head on. Thirteen members of the motorcycle group were taking a normal drive that unfortunate day that resulted in the loss of Howell's life.

Today, they came together once more

"We do it to show honor to Monty's life,” said Duncan Moose Riders President Randy Nowlin.

Nowlin was one of 5 others who was involved in the crash and lost his leg in the accident.

"We've quit riding with thirteen motorcycles,” said Nowlin. “We either have more or less. We just thought that was a bad omen."

Howell's wife Stephanie Howell said she was just happy to be around love and to remember her husband.

"He was always involved in the community,” said Stephanie. “He was a retired firefighter, and he was always doing the stuff in the community. So, when the community comes to recognize him it's really nice."

Nowlin said the day was not only to celebrate Howell's life but also be reminded of the importance of motorcycle safety.

"Be more careful in traffic that you don't follow too close or in the behind or side of the car,” said Nowlin. “It's just something that I have tried to do. Stay more aware of all the other drivers."

However, he said each year is still hard being without Howell.

"Like one person said it's like opening up an old wound but it's got to heal,” said Nowlin. “So, we've done this the last two years and it's a healing process."

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