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First responders perform mock car crash for Sterling students

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STERLING, OK (KSWO)- Students at Sterling High School will head to prom this Friday. But officials are advising them to make smart choices and be responsible when it comes to celebrating and having fun.

Tuesday, students watched a demonstration involving a mock crash to show what can happen after a bad decision.

First responders performed a skit for students at Sterling Public Schools to show them the dangers of drinking and driving behind the wheel, and what can happen to you when you are in a serious accident.

Blood splattered on the windshield, beer cans lying on the ground..Sterling Junior Bailey Girone said it was scary watching fire crews work rapidly to save the life of her classmate trapped in the car.

"You never know how long they have or just the fact that it is real and they couldn't help her immediately," Girone said.

Sterling Junior Dustin Waldorf played the role of a drunk driver and Senior Hannah White was the passenger. They wanted their classmates to think twice about what can happen when you drink behind the wheel.

"I mean it's a really stupid idea and it can lead to other people dying and getting severely injured," Waldorf said.

"It's pretty scary just because you can hurt more that us two. We can hurt anyone on the road," White said.

In this scenario, Waldorf hit another car, killing the driver and sent White to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Waldorf failed a sobriety test and faced several charges including manslaughter. 

Sterling Police Chief Mike Barker said he hopes the message gets through.

"These kids think they are 10-foot tall and bullet proof and this is to show them that they are not. Hopefully if we can save one we have accomplished what we want to do," Barker said.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Jacob Dickerson explained to students how difficult it is to notify parents telling them their child was killed in a crash.

"You know I have teenagers and I don't want somebody coming to my door telling me my daughter is dead involved in a drunk driving collision," Dickerson said.

"It's not worth it, its really not, you have your whole life ahead of you," Girone said.

Chief Barker said if students need a ride home after prom, or from an after party, he will pick them up free of charge, and no questions asked.

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