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Altus moving forward with new fire station

(Source: KSWO) (Source: KSWO)
(Source: KSWO) (Source: KSWO)

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - Altus residents were given their first look on  at what the new central fire station could look like.

The floor plans and artist's renderings of the 7.2-million-dollar building were unveiled at a town hall meeting  Tuesday night at Altus City Hall. 

The sales tax improvement plan funding the station also paid for a new City Hall and a Senior Citizens building.

Altus Fire Chief Davis said the current plans are approved, the new station will give them two more feet of clearance.

"We clear this door with about three inches,” Altus Fire Chief Kyle Davis said. “If we proceed out too quick, we can actually hit the top of the door with the ladder truck."

In addition to the higher clearance, the new building will have more bays, allowing them to keep all their equipment under one roof. 

Davis said keeping the equipment at a central location speeds up their response time.

"We have our hazmat truck and trailer is located at the airport in storage and our rescue trailer is located in storage also and we have to get all those pieces of equipment before we can respond to anything," he said.

The city had looked at expanding the current station, but with how it was built it wasn't safe to do so, which is why they decided to build a new station.

The new station will also give firefighters a more comfortable place to live. 

"It's going to be individual rooms for the guys,” Davis said. “We're building it co-ed in case we get to that point. It's going to have safe rooms, a training room along with a fitness center in it."

Public Works director and Project Manager John Barron said the plans will provide fire crews with a family room.

"They can visit with their wife and kids without encroaching on the privacy of the other firemen,” Barron said. “So, in all aspects in comfort of living and quality of life, the firemen will enjoy this much better."

The project remains in the early planning stages and once the Council approves a floor plan, it is expected to be complete in about two years. 

There has been no word on what will be done with the old station.

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