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Parties in Officer Betty Shelby’s case asked to deactivate social media accounts

TULSA, OK (KTUL) — Ahead of Betty Shelby’s May 8th manslaughter trial, the judge presiding over the case asked parties to deactivate their social media accounts. Prosecutors claim that Shelby's attorneys have shared links to media stories about the case. Shelby's attorneys refute that claim saying that the links were shared by other people. The judge said social media activity could make it more difficult to find a fair jury.

Prosecutors also asked who contacted who concerning Shelby’s recent appearance on "60 Minutes.” The defense claims that "60 Minutes" reached out to them.

Shelby, a Tulsa police officer, is charged with manslaughter after shooting and killing Terence Crutcher, who was unarmed, last September.

According to KTUL, The defense wants to bring up Crutcher's criminal history as evidence that he knew how to properly interact with police but the judge said it is irrelevant as Shelby was unaware of his criminal history. It is not decided whether Crutcher's past use of illegal drugs will be allowed as evidence in the trial.

The judge set two additional preliminary hearings in the case prior to the trial beginning.

Information provided by KTUL. 

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