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Sayre women seeks rightful owner of lost wedding ring

SAYRE, OK (KSWO)- A woman in western Oklahoma is trying to find the rightful owner of a ring lost almost 10 years ago.

The woman and her grandmother, of Sayre, were going fishing at their family's pond outside of town, where they ran into a young couple.  The wife, in tears, was searching the bottom of the water for her ring.

"She said when she was casting her pole, that her wedding ring had fallen off her finger," said Trisha O'Quinn.

The ring remained missing for months until the water level went down. That's when she found it, and then posted the story on Facebook, looking for the owner. That post went viral, having been shared more than 24 thousand times.

They are withholding some information so they can confirm the identity of the ring's owner.

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