Lawton artist paints Russell Westbrook mural

Lawton artist paints Russell Westbrook mural

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A striking mural of Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook caught the attention of many Saturday.

Lawton artist Robert Peterson painted a masterpiece of the Westbrook on the side of Friendly Cleaners on C Avenue.

He said he started the work in progress Friday and finished it up Saturday night.  

"I woke up one day and was like I want to do a mural of Westbrook and found a place to do it and just started doing it,” said Peterson.


"I'm a big fan. I had to come and see him,” Dashel Stinson, mural visitor.

"He's my favorite basketball player,”
said Christian Edwards, visitor.

Edwards and Stinson were just a couple of people that came out see the brand-new mural of the NBA champ.

Stinson and his family drove all the way from Edmond just to look at the masterpiece.

"It's crazy to see him plastered on the wall right here,” said Stinson. “It's pretty insane. I think it's dope. You know I think he's going to get MVP."

Which is exactly what local artist Robert Peterson said is the inspiration for the painting after researching and finding out Russell Westbrook has no murals painted of him in Oklahoma.

"He broke the record of triple-doubles this year,” said Peterson. “He needed something done to show that you know we are proud of him."

Peterson said he's a big fan of Westbrook and couldn't think of any other way to honor him then through spray paint.

"I'm a huge fan of Thunder period,” said Peterson. “I think that he is an amazing player. He's doing a great job leading this team and I'd like to see them go all the way."

His hope is that those in the community appreciate this body of work and keep up the team spirit.

"As an artist, you always want to try and increase the awareness of the arts,” said Peterson. “So, I mean you can't get any better than art and a Thunder."

He says Westbrook has already caught a glimpse of the masterpiece on Peterson's social media.

If you would like to see more of Peterson's work you can follow his Facebook page.

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