The Lawton Employer Council hosts seminar to help business owners

The Lawton Employer Council hosts seminar to help business owners

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- On April 18, all employers in the Lawton-Fort Sill community are invited to the Lawton Employer Council's annual seminar.

The non-profit organization started the conference three years ago and plans to assist businesses, employers, and Human Resource professionals who face workplace challenges.


"I have gained so much knowledge that I wouldn't otherwise just be open to without having these conferences,” said Chearlene Glover-Johnson, CEO of Johnson & Johnson Locksmith and Door Company.

Johnson is just one business owner that said she's gained a wealth of knowledge from the Lawton Employer Council Seminar.

"For me as a business owner you know we often don't take the time to get all of the education that we need to be able to make sure that we are following state laws with EEOS, with OSHA and other factors that are vital for a business to adhere to,” said Johnson. “So, I think without the Lawton employer Council there would be missed opportunities for me."

Johnson said one of those missed opportunities could have been being able to see her business grow.

Now, because of the resources, she's gained from the seminar she's been able to move her business from a small location to a larger location on Cache Road.

"Not only do they help you retaining information for employers and employees it also offers you free resources, free courses, free information to help you better your business, better your employees and the working relationship you have with them,” said Johnson. “As well as maintaining standards within the law."

Lawton Employer Council board member, Taylor Farmer, said the seminar is important for just that reason staying updated on business standards.

"We are always looking for the change in legislation the latest regulatory change that body has put out and these folks mostly attorneys have come down here from Oklahoma City to present what is going one with the latest topic,” said Farmer. “So, it helps each employer through that HR personnel remain compliant."

Johnson said the seminar is an opportunity any business owner wouldn't want to miss.

"Whether you're a small business, ten employees or less or you're a big business two hundred fifty plus to come out and take advantage of this,”
said Johnson.

The upcoming seminar at Hilton Garden Inn on April 18 will focus on EEOC and what to do if you receive a charge from a former or current employee.

Guests are welcome at no charge.

For more information on how register visit Oklahoma Employment Security Commission online.

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