OKC police investigates kidnapping victims found in cellar

OKC police investigates kidnapping victims found in cellar

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- Police in Oklahoma City are investigating a home where they found two kidnapping victims and dozens of guns.

Officers responded to the home after receiving an anonymous tip that a shootout would happen at the home. While no shoot-out happened, when police were there they said they heard two people shouting from inside an underground cellar in the garage.

Authorities say the cellar was shut with a piece of wood wedged into the ceiling.
Witnesses reported seeing the two victims brought out of the cellar.

"I saw two that were either injured or sick or something that had to go to the ambulance. Cops dragged them out and helped them out there," said Michael Duishka.

There were 11 other people in the home at the time police got there. So far, authorities have not said how many people will be charged with a crime. The homeowner told police he thought the two kidnapping victims had stolen from him.
They had been there since Friday.

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