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Discover Oklahoma- Yocham’s Custom Leather Saddlery & Cowboy Décor

BARTLESVILLE, OK- There’s a certain flare or style that goes along with being a cowboy! And, no, we’re talking about the football team. This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, find out about a place where that style comes together in a place with beautiful handcrafted products for your home and your horse!

Before you even hit the door of Yocham’s Custom Leather Saddlery and Cowboy Décor, you can smell that wonderful fragrant scent of those high-quality hides.

“This custom leather binder says it all, from saddles to sofas. If you can dream it, they can pretty much customize it.”

“You can decorate your house from the bathroom to the front room and we can decorate your horse from the head to the tail.” 

Rick Yocham and his wife, Rhonda, opened up their first shop in 1973. It was in the front of the family barn. It was also their senior year in high school.

“For stuff to put on the shelves we put leather samples, that was it. That was totally it.”

“Oh my, if the lord would’ve showed us what all we would have. I’d a said there’s no way.”

Today, you’ll find custom saddles, wallets, belts and bags. Every corner of this much bigger store is covered in craftsmanship - created by the Yochams and their team.

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