Lawton traffic stop leads to stolen items recovered

Lawton traffic stop leads to stolen items recovered

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A traffic stop that led to a chase in Lawton led police in Cache to a house full of stolen items belonging to the Comanche County government. Cache police were investigating the theft of a Comanche County District 3 pick-up Monday morning when they realized Lawton police had tried to pull over that very pickup for speeding. The driver refused to stop for police, and when he got to Northwest 38th Street and Cache Road, he ditched the pickup in a business parking lot and took off running. He was found inside a vacant house just a few blocks away and arrested.

Through further investigation after that arrest, Cache Police served a search warrant at a Lawton home on Northwest 22nd Street and Smith they believe had more stolen government items.

Toolboxes were the main items coming out of that home.

"Just a whole lot of tools inside this place," Cache Chief Donna Kimmel said.

While serving the search warrant, Cache police came out with the tools stolen from Comanche County District 3's work barn. But Chief Kimmel said they also found home improvement items stolen from residential construction sites, and boxes with other people's names and shipping addresses around the county.

She said they are hoping to get the owners reunited with their property.

"We just didn't want to come here and get our stuff and be gone," Chief Kimmel said. "We're trying to think of the other victims."

One woman who lives in the neighborhood, and did not want to be identified, said she had her suspicions about that home, and hopes things will quiet down on her street now.

"Like I said there had been a lot of different people that have rented that house," said the neighbor. "And this isn't the first time that there has been activity like this going on. So, I hope. That's all I can do is hope that things will be better."

Chief Kimmel said it was good work and good luck that got them to that house.

"I'm just really glad that traffic officer made that stop at that time or we would still be investigating," said Chief Kimmel.

Chief Kimmel said as they go through all of the recovered items, they are hoping to help connect quite a few burglaries throughout the county to that house.

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