Opponents worry science bill could negatively impact STEM students

Opponents worry science bill could negatively impact STEM students

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR)- Senate Bill 393, which allows science teachers the freedom to explore and question scientific theories and doctrines, is receiving strong opposition from several state and national organizations despite passing the state Senate vote.

"This bill allows for alternative views. The term 'alternative facts' can be at play in this bill," said Bob Melton, STEM Facilitator with Putnam City Public schools. "Why is just science singled out? Is social studies not open for debate, as well? What about English?"

The co-author of the bill last week told a committee many teachers complained about not being able to debate current scientific theories as open discussion in the classroom is restricted.

"One of our parents said it could very well be that somebody wants to represent Bigfoot as an accurate science theory," said Elizabeth Allan, Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education. "It opens the door to allow for inaccurate science to be taught along accurate science."

Allan said the bill will hurt students needing to pass college entrance or AP exams or even applying for jobs in STEM field.

The bill now heads to the full House for a vote.

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