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Best-selling author guest at Fort Sill baby shower

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FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - The author of some of the most popular parenting books of all time was the star attraction at a post-wide baby shower Tuesday.

Heidi Murkoff wrote "What to Expect When You're Expecting," which has sold more than 19 million copies and sparked a series of other books about parenting and pregnancy.

She came to Fort Sill as part of a nationwide tour of military installations with the USO.

More than 70 pregnant soldiers and soldier’s wives came together at the baby shower where they ate lunch, got free gifts for their babies and talked with the author.

Murkoff said she doesn't have any military background in her family, but that she loves visiting these military families to speak with the expecting mothers.

"I love my military moms and I love bringing them together,” Murkoff said. “I think the USO has this great opportunity to bring moms together when you're far from your family and your friends, it's great to be able to find other moms in the same boat and support each other."

Murkoff said she originally wrote her book more than 30 years ago because she couldn't find anything to answer questions she had while going through pregnancy. She said she is thrilled now to be able to meet with so many moms around the country and give them the advice she wishes she had while she went through it.

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