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LPD investigates on-going sexual assaults at Elmer Thomas Park

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton police are looking into another reported sexual assault at Elmer Thomas Park. This time, the victim is a man, who said he was attacked last week in a bathroom in the middle of the afternoon.

At this point, police are not ready to draw any connections between this incident and those last year when a man was approaching women in the park and pulling their pants down, but it is a concern.

In last week's incident, a man said he was in the bathroom when a man tried to shove him to the ground but the victim was able to push the attacker off him. The attacker then tried to block the door but the victim was able to push him to the side and run to his car. He then notified police about the attack.

Sgt. Timothy Jenkins says a high alert is up for the department so they're watching this area closely.

“Officers that are in this zone, that are in this area are driving through more often making sure everything is okay. People don't need any help, talking to the people that are running and jogging. Asking people out here if they've seen anything. Checking our bathrooms so we're trying our best to keep this area as safe as possible,” said Sgt. Jenkins.

As far as this most recent incident, police haven't released information about what the attacker looks like.

If you have any information about this crime, call the police.

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