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Monday storms ripple through home in Sterling

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 STERLING, OK (KSWO)- A family in Sterling is thankful to be alive after storms Monday toppled a tree onto their home. It landed on their kitchen and living room, and the damage left the house uninhabitable.

They are still trying to handle the aftermath from the storm. They were lucky to walk away with no cuts and bruises. Even though their home is damaged they said they will never forget the memories they made there.

Roxann Bray was born and raised in Sterling and lives with her twin daughters Leslie and Leigh-Ann. Bray said she was in her room watching TV when the storms hit and the tree fell through their home.

"It sounded like a bomb, and the whole building shock, and it sounded like a train," Bray said.

she ran down the hall to check on her daughters to make sure they were okay. One of daughters had just left the kitchen moments before the tree fell.

"It scared me to death when I realized we was all safe,but she came within minutes of being killed," Bray said.

Then they started looking at what they had lost.

"It took everything on the shelves and threw it across the room. It's full of broken glass, the ceiling is down, the counter is busted, the window frames are bent.....its toast," Bray said.

But there were some items amazingly saved by by the Grace of God that couldn't be replaced.

"You know memories, pictures of her great grandmother,a picture of my dad painted," Bray said.

She said she's just blessed no one was hurt and that they still have each other.

"To me it just shows there is a God because any other time we would have all been in there, we were all tired and recovering from Easter, and any other time we could have been there all where it happened," Bray said.

Since the storm Bray said friends from the neighborhood have cut the tree down, brought them food, and checked on them. Brays said she overwhelmed about what to do next for her family.

"My girls grew up here...this is home....I have family and friends that have offered us places to stay.......this is home," Bray said.

Bray and her daughters have been staying with their grandmother who lives close by. The Red Cross is helping them with assistance.

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