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Police address park assault concerns

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton police are investigating another attempted assault at Elmer Thomas Park.

The latest attack happened last Wednesday when a man tried to assault another man while he was in the restroom.

The attacker turned the man around and tried to push him to the ground. 

The man then pushed the attacker off him.

When he tried to escape, the attacker then blocked the door, but the man was able to push the attacker through the door and called the police.

Police are in the early stages of their investigation of this assault, so they don't know if this is the same attacker that was pulling women's pants down. 
The fact that another person was attacked at a popular public place is worrisome, and they want residents to know they're on top of it.

Cruse was shocked when he heard about the assault and says it's alarming.

"This is really kind of a family oriented place. This is where people bring their kids, you know,” Cruise said. “People come here to relax and get exercise and unwind and having to look over your shoulder all the time makes that kinda rough."

Sgt. Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department said there are some things you can do.

He says having a dog, pepper spray, and a walking partner helps.

Also having your keys out before you get to the car and keeping your phone with you is also something you should do.

He believes that working together with the community could help stop this crime. 

"If the citizens that come out here see something, hear something, if they see somebody that looks suspicious call us,” Jenkins said. “Get in contact with the police department, let us know, let us come out here and check out the person, checkout the scenery and make sure that nothing is going on."

Police are now on high alert and patrolling this area more.

If you know anything about this assault call police.

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