Community remembers: local resident who passed during the Oklahoma City bombing

Community remembers: local resident who passed during the Oklahoma City bombing

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Here in Lawton, the community is remembering Clarence Wilson, who lost his life in the attack.

Wednesday, family, and friends gathered at his monument downtown.

Wilson's monument was built in 1996.

It's been kept up by his sister Bernice McGee up until two years ago when a local group called RunLawton agreed to help with the maintenance.

The monument highlights Wilson's life, accomplishments and features a poem from his niece.

"He was very charismatic, very friendly he had that personal flair he would always pump you up to make you think this is who you are,” said Bernice McGee, Wilson’s brother. “He was just a go-getter and people loved him."

McGee said her focus Wednesday was just remembering the person her brother was.

"I'm just grateful. I'm happy instead of being sad today,” said McGee. “I'm happy."

She says she's also grateful for the members of the group RunLawton, who answered her prayer for someone to step forward and take over the hard work of maintaining Clarence's monument.

"They are my earthly angels,” said McGee. “I have been asking begging for help I couldn't get any help and these are my earthly angels RunLawton is the ones that took this project over and what you see is amazing."

RunLawton member Casey Hull said they come out each year to check the water pumps, replant flowers and pick up any trash to keep it looking nice.

He said the organization took on the monument to help keep the city beautiful and believes the monument is important to Lawton's history.


"Just to remember the bombing that occurred and to not let that fade away,” said Hull.

"This is a part of our history,” said McGee. “It will be in the history books so all the classes and children can just come here and see firsthand."

And on this anniversary of her brother's passing McGee said that's exactly her hope for the community.

She says she believes her brother would be proud of her.

“Aw sister girl you got it going on,” said McGee. “And he would say thank you."


To honor Wilson once more RunLawton will be participating in the Oklahoma City Memorial Run April 30.

They said they will keep his memory alive by rocking bibs with "Clarence Wilson" printed on them while running.

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