Kitchen fire destroys apartment

Kitchen fire destroys apartment

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A kitchen fire destroyed an apartment on Wednesday evening.

The fire started in a downstairs unit at Stone Ridge Apartments near Flower Mound and Gore.

Fire officials say two people were getting dinner started and went to a back room of the apartment.

They realized a fire had started when they heard the fire alarms going off.

They and their dog were able to get out without injury, but they lost three cats in the fire.

Those living in the downstairs unit said they're just happy that they were able to get out with no injuries.

An upstairs unit sustained some fire and smoke damage.

Rachel Freeman and Cameron Biggers who lives in the upstairs apartment was at work when the fire broke out.  Friends called to let them know what had happened, which led to an anxious drive home since they knew their dog was inside.

"I was terrified," Freeman said. "I thought he didn't make it."

Thankfully their friends were able to alert the firefighters about the dog and they were able to rescue him.

Freeman and Biggers said didn't know what they were walking up to.

"The way they were talking I thought everything was totally destroyed and I'm just glad it wasn't exactly that way," Biggers said.

Smoke caused most of the damage to the upstairs apartment.

Freeman said it's hard to see the damage that was caused to the apartment below her.

"I feel terrible," Freeman said. "I wish I could help her in any way I could. I know you can't just fix something like that."

The couple says this makes them see the bright side of things and they're happy it wasn't worse.

"We could have nothing. We could've been home," she said. "My dog could be dead."
The couple was already planning to move out this weekend, so this just means they'll be staying at their new place sooner.

Officials say the Red Cross has been contacted about helping the residents in the downstairs unit.

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