Local students tour Medicine Park's Aquarium and Natural Sciences center

Local students tour Medicine Park's Aquarium and Natural Sciences center

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Medicine Park's Aquarium and Natural Sciences center welcomed 60 MacArthur High students for a nature tour of Oklahoma's fish, plant life and more.

Students had a chance to not only see the aquarium but participate in a scavenger hunt to learn about Oklahoma's native wildflowers and plant flowers in a monarch garden.


MacArthur students and staff said the goal of the day was to stay under the aquariums mission conservation through education.

I spoke to some students who say they're grateful for the opportunity to do just that for the first time."

"It's really nice to see what they have here,” said Dante Aguiler, MacArthur High student. “They really care for nature."

"I think the fish are really cool,” said Elizabeth Kopsky, MacArthur High student. “They are all really cool to look at and interesting to read about."

Dante and Elizabeth were just a couple students excited about touring the aquarium.

Besides viewing different species of fish, they searched for wildflowers in the botanical garden, something Dante said was his favorite part.

"Most people think looking for flowers must be so boring but, it was just so nice to go out into nature and take a good look,” said Dante. “You never actually realize how many types of flowers there are and how beautiful they are until you really start looking."

Students also learned about Monarch butterflies and how they migrate. 

MacArthur high school science teacher Heather Young said her hope for the day was for students to leave the aquarium with new knowledge about the world around them and a new-found appreciation of science.

"Especially to have a sense of place of where they come from,” said Young. “Whether they stay in Oklahoma or not I hope this teaches them a respect for nature and something that last them a lifetime."

Dante said the day was a learning experience he won't forget.

"Most people don't realize about nature or how it impacts the world or how things work in the world,” said Dante. “So, it's really nice to kind of just get a reminder every now and then on how things operate and how we need to treat our environment."

Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center will have a special preview opening May 20.

Surrounding area residents and family are welcome to visit.

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