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Mountain Metro AMBUCS gives local disabled veteran therapeutic tricycle

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Mountain Metro AMBUCS gave the gift of mobility to local children and veterans on Saturday at the 6th annual Trykes and Tread Car show. That gift was therapeutic tricycles, also known as AmTrykes. Mountain Metro expects to give away fifteen AmTrykes by the end of the car show on Sunday.

Nathan Short was awarded one of those AmTrykes on Saturday. He was injured in Iraq in 2004, which caused him to have his left leg amputated in 2015.

"I've tried riding bikes, and it's awkward to ride with it,” Short said. “But this one is going to make it a lot more enjoyable."

After his leg was amputated, that was the first year he attended the car show, and when he learned about Mountain Metro AMBUCS and their therapeutic tricycles.

"I've had some issues with the amputation to where I am not able to walk on it a whole lot and do a whole lot of walking and things,” Short said. “So, this is going to be awesome. Help me lose a little weight, get in and a little better shape."

Mountain Metro AMBUCS president Kisha Horne said that's their primary mission. To provide veterans and children freedom to exercise and be more physical.

"Some of them can't ride regular bikes,” Horne said. “So, to see them get on the AmTrykes and just go. It gives them more mobility. They're very mobile with their families outside. It's a therapeutic tryke as well so, in that aspect it helps them build up their muscles and joints different things like that weren't working before. But, with these trykes, they are able to work."

Which is exactly what Short said he's thankful for.

"You have your ups and downs. You have your days to where you really don't want to do much. Something like this will help you get out there and get motivated again and be more active to do things," Short said.

Mountain Metro AMBUCS officials said an AmTryke cost approximately $1,000, which is why they raise money at the car show each year. Besides the AmTrykes, they also provide scholarships for therapists and build wheelchair ramps.

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