Discover Oklahoma- Blake Shelton opens Ole Red in Tishomingo

Discover Oklahoma- Blake Shelton opens Ole Red in Tishomingo

TISHOMINGO, OK (KSWO)- There's a lyric in one of Blake Shelton's early hits that talked about "ole red's itchin' to have a little fun." Well a lot of people will be having fun when Shelton opens an entertainment venue called Ole Red later this year in Tishomingo.

"Thank ya, sweetie. Good to see ya."

"Can I have a picture, please?

"Sure. Thanks!"

"How you doing? Good to see you."

Where ever he goes, where ever he is, Blake Shelton creates excitement among his fans. But the people here in Tishomingo all know him because he has a home here. He was in town to talk about his new restaurant called Ole Red, Blake's signature song. Ole Red will not only be a restaurant, but a place to have a drink, listen to music and it'll also have some retail space.

"I think for me it's a state of mind. Ole red, and when you go in there, it's gonna be about our lifestyle, our lifestyle here in Tishomingo. We're not trying to make this anything other than just celebrating who we are. People, Oklahomans, here in Johnson County and but you know, do it in way that you're excited to be there."

But he emphasized, there will be music at Ole Red.

"Definitely want to have music to be a part of that venue over there. And I know a guy that can get in there and sing every once in a while if we can't find anybody to want to play."

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