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Food and clothing stolen from Unity Lawton

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A local ministry is asking for your help in re-stocking their pantry and closet after someone stole food and clothes.

It happened last weekend as Unity Lawton, a ministry of 'Mission World' that helps people in need, hosted an Easter egg hunt for the community.

The doors inside are locked, most of the time, so the Director for Unity Lawton says keys must have been lying around and the thief used them to open the door, or it was mistakenly left unlocked, which allowed someone to steal almost all of their pop-top canned food and a lot of clothes.

It wasn't until after the event that the Director found the doors unlocked and noticed several items missing.

The Director of Unity Lawton, Angela Stone was surprisingly not mad at all. She says she feels sorry for the people who did this because now these people aren't going to want to come back when they need help. She hopes people realize they don't have to steal things if they're really in need.

Filling out a short application...that's all that the people who stole more than half of Unity Lawton's food from their pantry had to do to make it right and be given free food. The only rule the mission has is, once you are given food, you can not receive more until after 90 days.

"We would give to anyone, that's what we're here for," said Stone. "We don't consider ourselves our own organization. We belong to the community and to the citizens here in Lawton at Unity Lawton, as I've mentioned is a collaboration of everyone and so many people give of their funding and their hard earned money and their food in their own pantry's to make sure this is a successful place."

Since nearly all of the pop top canned food was stolen that day, they were not able to give to the homeless on Easter Sunday. Stone understands the people were probably in desperate need of help, food and clothing, but she says they're still there offering help.

"Food is something that everyone needs, so when they come in here and they think they were only coming for food, they come for other projects that we have going on, other necessities and needs such as mental health or spiritual," said Stone.

Stone is offering grace and forgiveness for the people who took the food and hopes they know, they will be welcomed back with open arms, and not judged.

"We understand the broken and the hurting and the hungry," said Stone. "We understand what it's like to be in a place in life where you just aren't making the right choices and decisions and so we would invite them back. We would invite them back to the church service that goes on in the building here on Saturdays at 6. We would invite them back to fill out an application and let us help you honestly."

If you would like to help or make a donation to Unity Lawton, you can call or show up at their facility Monday through Friday's off Southwest I and Southwest 15th Street in Lawton. They're asking for men and women's jeans, shorts and summer clothing. Also, non-perishable food items as well as frozen meats that will be given to those in need.

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