Man who alerted police to infant found in dumpster was staying in the home of the suspected mother

Man who alerted police to infant found in dumpster was staying in the home of the suspected mother

ENID, OK (KFOR) – The man who alerted police to a foul odor in an Enid dumpster is speaking out about how he came to realize something suspicious was going on. Police searched the dumpster on April 9 and found the remains of a deceased infant boy with the umbilical cord still attached.

John Brauner was staying at Kathryn Green's home for several days with another friend. Brauner claims that Green and he did not know each other. However, while staying in the home, he helped to clean out some of the buildings on her property.

Brauner says it was when Green dragged a large luggage trunk into the house from one of the sheds that he became suspicious. Though the trunk was only inside briefly, it left a terrible odor. Brauner said Green then put the box in a large dumpster beside her home and piled a bunch of things on top of it.

"Right before we left, she said can you still smell anything out here? I said no, and I was really, really weirded out at that point. And, she said thank God for airwicks," Brauner said.

Brauner confided to his friend and his friend shared a comment Green had made:

"She had made a comment apparently to my friend saying that what was in the box would put her in prison for the rest of her life," he said.

Brauner called police and asked them to check out the dumpster. He said he wishes he could have met Green earlier to possibly prevent what happened. He believes she knew exactly what she was doing.

"I think she definitely understood the gravity of what it appears that she did," he said.

Green has not been charged in connection with the infant's death. Police are waiting on autopsy and DNA results. She is in jail however on drug charges and child neglect charges.

Police said she tried to hide meth from them when they brought her in for questioning. The child neglect charges stem from the deplorable condition of her home where she lives with her three young children. Green is due in court next month for a bond hearing.

Information provided by KFOR.