Man suspected of kidnapping TN woman and forcing her into prostitution

Man suspected of kidnapping TN woman and forcing her into prostitution

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR) -  Jason Jarvis Hall, 32, is in the Oklahoma County Jail on charges including human trafficking and kidnapping after allegedly transporting a young Nashville woman hundreds of miles so she could make him money through prostitution.

"He slipped something into her drink. She stated she began to feel very sleepy, didn't feel well," said OCPD MSgt. Gary Knight. "Next thing she knew she woke up, and she was in Oklahoma. He was determined obviously."

While more than 600 miles away from her home, the woman was forced to have sex with clients and take what she believed was methamphetamine. Hall allegedly advertised her services on

"While [the woman] was inside with the clients, [Hall] would stand outside in the yard with a gun" to keep her from leaving, according to the police report. "[The woman] said she was forced to sleep in the same bed as [Hall] and was always being watched."

When the woman escaped and called police, Hall got in his car and drove off, ignoring officers trying to pull him over. He got out of his car and ran through several backyards before officers tackled him and made the arrest.

"Oftentimes, people will come here for the purpose of prostituting themselves and then end up in the human trafficking situation," Knight said. "This one's certainly unusual that this isn't a juvenile, this isn't a runaway, this is somebody that was forced here."

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