Construction worker in critical condition after being hit

Construction worker in critical condition after being hit

BLANCHARD, OK (KSWO)- A construction worker's boss is speaking out this morning after that worker was hit and left in critical condition in Blanchard.

The man was directing drivers through a construction zone and had one car stopped when he saw a pick-up approaching. His boss said he got the other car off the road in time when he realized the truck was not going to stop.

The construction worker then tried to get out of the way, but the truck swerved in the same direction, hitting the man.

"He was thrown 75 to 80 feet, so it's a miracle that he's alive and we're blessed that he's still with us at this time," said Craig Parker with Silver Star Construction.

He said the victim has several injuries, including a broken collarbone, leg, ribs and arm, as well as head trauma. He is still in critical condition and unconscious.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the driver behind the crash will be charged.

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