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PSO bills will be higher beginning in May

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TULSA, OK (KSWO) –Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) is adjusting its fuel factor to reflect higher prices for natural gas and power beginning in May.

The fuel factor is based primarily on predicted fuel and power costs.  The actual costs were higher than predicted over the last six months and future fuel costs are projected to be higher than current levels. The adjustment will reflect both of these costs.

“We understand any change to rates can be concerning for customers,” said Steven Fate, PSO Vice President – Regulatory and Finance.  “But it is necessary to adjust for the higher fuel prices now to help avoid larger increases later.”

For a residential customer who uses 1,100 kWh of electricity a month, the fuel factor adjustment will increase their monthly bill by approximately six dollars a month.

PSO’s fuel factors will be reviewed again in October for further adjustments.

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