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Devon Energy donates pickups to two families impacted by OK wildfires

OK (KSWO)- Devon Energy has made life a little easier for two families impacted by wildfires that ripped across areas of the Oklahoma Panhandle and northwest Oklahoma in early March.

“Devon is an Oklahoma company,” said Allen Wright, Devon’s vice president of public and government affairs. “When we see our fellow citizens suffering from a tragedy, we want to get involved. We’re glad this donation can help two hardworking families get back on their feet.”

Devon Energy presented a white 2012 Chevy 1500 Extended cab, four-wheel drive pickup to R.A. and Susan Bentley near Laverne and a white 2012 GMC 1500 Extended cab, four-wheel drive pickup to Roy D. and Ilajoy Covalt near Woodward today.

R.A. Bentley rubbed his fingers over the keys to the pickup and said, “This is just more than you could ever expect. I didn’t expect it. Wow. Just wow.” Bentley lost some cattle – cows and calves. He lost a John Deere combine, not a new one, but a “nice combine.” He lost a small dozer. The shed burned, as did a Ford tractor. A tandem axle grain truck was destroyed. A trailer to haul a combine header was lost as well.

“Foremost, I just thank Jesus for saving all the lives,” said Bentley who lives near Buffalo but grew up on a ranch three miles north of where the fire claimed all those possessions near Laverne. “It’s just a God thing that we didn’t have 20 funerals. We could have. The next thing that amazed me is just the goodness of people. I’ve had people from South Dakota, friends that showed up. I’ve had churches, like from Stillwater. Those who say, ‘Is there a need here? We want to do something.’ There are just a lot of good people out there that want to help. They don’t do it because they want credit, it’s pretty neat. It’s been a real blessing. I just can’t thank people enough, I can’t thank God enough.”

Bentley said: “I’ve got to cry more, I’ve got to hug more people and I’ve got to pray with people.’ I’m not a big mushy guy that goes around and tells people I love them and I need them around,  I just don’t. I do, I love them, but I’m just not a mushy kind of a dude.”

After receiving his pickup Roy D. Covalt took a few steps away and then turned around to look at the gift and said, “My, that pickup. That’s just incredible.” On March 6, the beast of a wildfire devoured Roy and Ilajoy’s two-story house they built in 1980 and the sons’ house not far away. The wildfire destroyed two shop buildings, a blue 1999 Ford three-quarter-ton four-wheel-drive pickup, a baler and a swather. Also, a total of 24 cows and calves were killed. Gone as well were decades of photos and other pieces of the past, including the coffee table the twins had built for their Dad and Mom.

“They worked a long time on it, it was something,” Roy Covalt said. “It sat right there out in front of the fireplace, off to the side a little bit. We had a lot of company through the years for big meals and everybody liked that coffee table… The number one thing I tell them all, is that we all got out of it, we’re all here to talk about it. Number two is that we live one day at a time and need to enjoy every minute of it.”

Information provided by Devon Energy. 

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