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Duncan Police Department gets news drone

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - It's battery operated, and takes flight in seconds--A brand new drone is now helping officers with the Duncan Police Department by giving them an aerial perspective on tackling cases.

Last month the Duncan Police Department purchased the DJI Inspire Drone.The department budgeted money over the last several months,and received donations from the Nutt Family Trust and Chisholm Trail Kiwanis to purchase the nearly 10-thousand dollar device. The drone can fly as high as 400 feet and has a camera on the front allowing them to see thermal images and video at night.

The buzz of police drones.Duncan Police are one of the many departments in Southwest Oklahoma using a drone to get a birds eye view.

"If we have a suspect that runs from us and runs in a wooded area its a whole lot safer to call us out and the air craft up into the air and actually get a preview of what we are walking into before we even walk into it instead of sending officers into there," Egger said.

And flying hundreds of feet in the air the drone can search in grid patterns that officers set.  The device also allows them to re-create scenes using 3-D images

The Duncan Police Department said this drone can be used to help protect and serve, but it can also be used in search and rescue operations.

"Last year several departments in the area we were involved in a searching operation, but during that searching operation we had several volunteers come to us with personal drones to assist in the search.Going through that we were able to cover a large amount of area in a short amount of time," Egger said.

Detective James Egger received training to operate the drone. After studying for several months, He took a test recently to became certified by the FAA.

"It's definitely one you have to study for, its nothing simple you can just run up there and take and pass it," said Egger.

And while Egger said having this new device will make officers jobs easier and help in a variety of cases, he addressed the public's concerns of unwarranted surveillance.

"We want the community to know there is not going to be an privacy issues we are going to make sure we respect there privacy," Egger said.

Egger is one of the two officers trained to operate the drone, He said they hope to have more officers trained and certified in the future.

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