Shooting victim refuses to press charges

Shooting victim refuses to press charges

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) – The victim in a shooting in Comanche County on Wednesday is expected to make a full recovery, but he does not want to press charges against the woman who shot him.

The shooting happened Wednesday afternoon off Highway 115 near the Comanche County line. Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said the shooter was the man's girlfriend. He spoke with deputies Thursday morning and told them that she had simply had a couple of bad days and because of that, he refused to press charges. However, the sheriff also said that decision isn't up to the victim.

Thursday, Stradley explained how things unfolded when they arrived at the home north of Meers.

"As we got there we found an individual was laying on the mattress inside the residence, he looked like he had been shot, possibly with a shotgun," Stradley said. "We did talk to the lady that was there and she pretty well admitted, even on the phone, that she had shot him."

Sheriff Stradley said they called a helicopter and the man was flown to OU Medical Center. They spoke with him Thursday morning, which is when he told them he did not want to press charges.

"We're still taking it to the DA because the DA can go ahead and file charges if that's what they want to," Stradley said. "But at this point, our victim does not want to file charges."

Sheriff Stradley said he thinks charges need to be brought against the shooter.

"Anytime you've got anybody that shoots somebody that could be wind up having someone killed, murdered or something like that it's a serious situation," Stradley said. "We would like for him, and maybe the DA will file charges. You need to pursue something like this because if she shot one person you want to make sure something like this doesn't happen again."

Sheriff Stradley said there is a lesson that can be taken from this shooting.

"I guess the moral of the story is, if someone has bad days, if they've got a temperament like that, you probably should stay away from them," Stradley said.

Sheriff Stradley said right now they don't know the reason for the shooting and they are not yet ready to release either person's name.

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