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Students prepare for Sunday's memorial race

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Runners from Cameron University's ROTC program will participate in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on Sunday. 

The 13 students are either running the half marathon or on a marathon relay team that they formed.

Last year Donovan Heintzman said he decided to run simply because he and others wanted to run a half marathon, but when they participated, they realized it was so much more than just another run.

Training at least four days a week isn't always easy but when it gets tough they try to remember why they're running in the first place.

"It's really easy to find yourself almost feeling bad for feeling bad for yourself originally," Heintzman said. "And then afterward you realize why you're doing it, and it takes some of the monotony of running out."

He and Robert McCoy both ran last year and wanted to run again this year. Since McCoy was only one when the bombing happened, he said running in the marathon helped him understand the tragedy better.

"I didn't grasp the whole significance of it,” McCoy said. “I knew it was kinda a big deal but until I actually met some of the survivor’s families and stuff I didn't really have that emotional connection."

Seeing families lining the streets and holding signs in remembrance of their loved ones really drove home what this marathon is about Heintzman said.

"Upon completion you know, there were families literally in tears just congratulating us and saying thank you so much,” He said. “They were unable to do this but it meant a lot to them that we were able to run for their loved one that may have passed or was severely injured."

The weather for this year’s race isn't looking going to be as nice as it was last year, but Robin Boudiette said they aren't running for fun.

"It's for the cause, it's the purpose, what it's all about,” Boudiette said. “So, even though we might be cold out there that's just a minor thing compared to what the purpose is for."

The Run to Remember starts at 6:30 on Sunday. Anyone can go to Oklahoma City and cheer on the runners.

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