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Ward 3 councilman hosts road repair meeting

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Residents of Lawton's Ward 3 were invited to give their input on streets and roads in their area they would like to see repaired. 

Ward 3 councilman Caleb Davis hosted a meeting Thursday evening to begin repair discussions.

Back in February, Lawton residents voted to approve an initiative which would put 55-million dollars toward improving streets across the city over the next 13 years.

Davis presented a list of streets the city felt needed the most repair, then allowed residents to weigh in on the areas they felt needed the most immediate attention.

Residents also voted on complete redesigns of the roads chosen
 rather than simple repair jobs on problem areas.

Davis said he wanted to give people the chance to let their voices be heard on projects like this, even in these early stages.

"I think its very important --  not just with the road issue, but in the future we'll have several issues that we have votes, ward votes on -- to allow the people to have a direct vote on what gets done in this ward, he said.

Davis plans to hold another meeting for residents of Ward 3 at the end of May, during which they will vote on the specific projects to work on starting next year.

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