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Stolen items returned to rightful owners

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CACHE, OK (KSWO) - Dozens of stolen items, recovered by local law enforcement agencies, are now finding their way back into the hands of their rightful owners.

We told you last week about a house the Cache Police Department raided on Northwest 22nd street in Lawton. In that house, officers found a wide variety of stolen items, including tools, paint, baseball cards and much more. Authorities are now working to get those items back to where they belong.

In a phone interview Friday, Jason Burd said he thought he would never see his equipment--worth thousands of dollars--ever again.

"I had pretty much written that off in my head,” Burd said. “I was hopeful for the first couple or three weeks that something might hit but after a certain period of time you just figure it's gone and move on with things."

Burd said back in March, $17,000 worth of equipment for his job was stolen out of his truck overnight. He said he had given up hope until he got a call Thursday saying his equipment had been found.

"It's crazy, it is. I just never would've dreamed that we'd be able to find this. You know I can't say enough thanks for diligently working and resolving this case,” Burd said.

Sergeant James McCarty with the Cache Police Department said they love when they have success stories like this one.

"It makes us feel very happy. It's an accomplishment. It makes us look good that this is our job,” McCarty said. “We take pride in our job and we want to look and tell the people that were working for them.”

McCarty said they are looking to get more items back to their original owners. They have a wide variety of stolen items, including tools, sinks, a bath tub, floor tiles, gallons of paint and much more. He said anyone who thinks their property has been stolen can call the Cache Police Department, Lawton Police Department or Comanche County Sheriff's Department.

"If they know serial numbers, possibly if they had marked it in some way in a secret area. if they have descriptive, maybe they dropped it one time and there's a scratch on the corners, anything they can describe to identify that as their property so we can get it back to them,” McCarty said.

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