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Lawton volunteers brighten community on United Way's Day of Caring

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-United Way of Southwest Oklahoma held their 23rd annual Day of Caring on Friday.

Over 250 volunteers donated their time to help out non-profit organizations in Lawton, by sprucing up in and around their buildings.

The community-wide event is named after David Hegwood, a longtime volunteer who died in 2012.

Thirty-three nonprofit agencies participated in the event.

"It gives us an opportunity to give back to the community and show people that we care,” said Jake Lee, Public Service Company of Oklahoma servicemen.

Lee has worked for Public Service Company of Oklahoma for 13 years.

He said each year he's been employed his company has participated in the day of caring.

Friday, Public Service Company of Oklahoma helped Roadback recovery center frame and put in windows for their new fitness room.


"When we got here we just hit the ground running and got working right away,”said Lee.

Christina Erman, CEO of Roadback said she wouldn't have been able to update the center without the help of those like Lee.

"We wouldn't get these projects done in weeks or months if we were handling them by ourselves,” said Erman. “With a volume of workers that come out and we can do this amount of work in a short period of time, it just makes our goals that much easier to achieve."

Other volunteers included; Lawton Family YMCA, Young Professionals and more.

All of the supplies to complete the projects were donated by local businesses and individuals to meet the needs of nonprofits in the community.

YMCA volunteer Karla Rucobo said she know how it feels to be in need.

"There are just things that get dropped through the cracks that we can't get to because of other important things that we can use the money for that we do have for the youth like here at Marie Detty with the girls,” said Ruboco. “So, helping them with projects like this to make their facility look better or be up to code not only helps them but also helps the girls that come here and the community."

She and other volunteers helped repaint the parking lot and entrance of Marie Detty Youth Services Center.

Representative, Deborah Walker said their parking lot has needed renovation for a couple years now and the help from volunteers couldn't have come at a better time.

"We need help because we can't use our money in that area but it's needed,” said Walker. “So, them coming out here and making this area pretty and presentable to the kids and the customers that come in every day is exciting. We are so happy that they are doing it.”

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