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Walters kids learn about rockets and airplanes

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WALTERS, OK (KSWO) - Its was all about rocket, planes, and science for fourth grade students at Walters Elementary School.

Friday, students blasted rockers in the air they created using old two-litter bottles,  empty film containers, water, and alka-selter. In the past two weeks students have been learning about different parts of airplanes and rockets. Fourth graders Brianna Arellano and Landon Rudd said their favorite part was watching their rockets launch in the air.

"It's really considering that its just water and air pressure that shoots it so far and you just have to have a tight seal,its just amazing" Arellano said.

"It was most exciting about watching the rocket go off and how high they can actually go it's just bottles," Rudd.

At the end of rocket day the kids got to see a giant rocket take off.  This was the second time in a year teachers have held the Rocket day event, they can't wait to have next year.

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