Second person charged in October robbery/homicide in Lawton

Second person charged in October robbery/homicide in Lawton

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Dimarie Castaneda has officially been charged with 1st-degree robbery with a weapon and accessory to murder in the first degree for the shooting death of Eric Buckner in Lawton October of last year.

According to court documents, Castaneda assisted in the robbery and then helped Michael Ishman flee after the crime. Castaneda is facing 30 years in prison if convicted on both counts.

Michael Ishman, 31, is charged with both shooting a prison guard last year and the shooting of Eric Buckner in Lawton last October. Police say the Buckner shooting happened just one month after a Geo Prison Guard was shot, but that police say the two cases were investigated separately and they do not believe they were connected at all.

Police say Michael Ishman was developed as a suspect in the Buckner case shortly after the murder.

"Through our interview and interrogation process, interviewing people and investigating what had occurred, we were able to develop him as a suspect," said Sergeant Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department.

Police say in those interviews, one witness told them that Ishman had robbed him with a black pistol that had a silver top. A few days later, Ishman was in a car wreck near Kellyville, Oklahoma, where police recovered a pistol matching that description in Ishman's car. The Lawton Police Department then sent that pistol, along with four shell casings from the scene of Buckner's murder, to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for analysis. Those spent shell casings came back as a match to Ishman's gun.

"When we are able to get somebody off the street and find out who did that crime it gives the city a relief, the citizens and the people here a relief, to know that I'm here and safe from having to worry about that bad guy," Jenkins said. "So, when we're able to do that and able to solve these crimes, especially major ones like this, it's always a good thing for our department as a whole."

Back in December, Ishman was also charged in the shooting of a Lawton Geo prison guard, after investigators found a gun and a hoodie with Ishman's DNA on it. In that case, investigators also charged a woman, Jana Givens, with conspiracy after she told police that her boyfriend, Michael Givens, gave Ishman the order to kill the prison guard. She said that she dropped him off near the scene of the shooting that day and also that she drove him to Dallas after the shooting, and bought him a plane ticket to Tulsa, where Ishman is from.

Jenkins said the latest charges are a testament to the department's hard work throughout the last few months.

"It's a great release for our detectives as well, they're thankful and we're thankful as well because our department is working as one, we're all coming together, we're all finding a way to make this thing work so we can help each other out in solving these issues and these crimes," Jenkins said.

Police say they do not have any sort of motive for either of the shootings. Ishman is being held in the Comanche County Jail on $10 million bond.

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