Family seeks answers for Ci'Lina Deloney's death

Family seeks answers for Ci'Lina Deloney's death
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - It's been more than three months since the body of a 21-year-old woman was found on a Comanche County road, and no one has been arrested in the case.  Many questions remain unanswered, and tonight, Ci'Lina Deloney's family is clinging to the hope that justice will be served.  

A passerby discovered her body on Paint Road, just south of Cache Road, in January.  Investigators said she had been shot to death. At the time, they said they believed she had been killed somewhere else, and her body was dumped in the road. Later that same day, deputies found her car at the Walmart on Sheridan Road. Since then, investigators have interviewed more than 50 people and have identified 3 people of interest in connection with her death.

It's been an emotional ride for Ci'lina's family.  This past weekend they held a birthday party for Ci'lina's 4-year old daughter Aliyah. As they celebrated another year for her daughter, there were also tears shed for the loss of her mother not being able to celebrate the special day with her.
The family told me they just want answers.

It was your typical 4 year old birthday party for little Aliyah. Balloons, gifts, unicorns, and her favorite....a tricycle.

"It always feels good to see her, she is her mother through and through...and it's always good to see that little smile she looks so much like her," Toahty said.

Ci'Lina's mom Renea Toahty said she loves seeing her granddaughter Aliyah smiling and happy. But Toahty said not a day goes by that she doesn't think about her daughter Ci'Lina.

As they celebrated Aliyah's birthday on Saturday, they also held a balloon release for Ci'Lina.

"We just wanted her to know we are all still there looking for here, missing her, not giving up...something gotta be done," Toahty said.

Toahty said the day before her body was found, Ci'Lina had called her and asked for money to help pay bills.

"I told her I would pay for it, just give me the phone number and she said okay mommy. The last thing she said to me was I love you mommy....that was the last time I heard from her," Toahty said.

The next day her life changed. Toahty said she saw the news about a unidentified body found on Paint Road, and when she couldn't get Ci'Lina to answer her calls, she called the sheriff's office.   After giving her daughter's description to them, they told her the news.

"Disbelief.... a pain like i have never felt before.....i don't know I cant describe it," Toahty said.

In the beginning of the investigation, Toahty said the sheriff's department stayed in regular contact giving her updates. Recently, she said those conversations have become less frequent, and she's beginning to lose hope. But Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said this case has been tough to crack.
"It's not swept under the rug. This is high priority. Anytime we have a murder we want to find out who done it because we need to get that person off the streets,"Stradley said.

"I guess I'm at that early frustrated phase in the whole situation. It just seems like nothing is happening. I want it to happen faster but it's not going to but we want answers," Toahty said.

Sheriff Stradley  said imagine if this happened to someone you knew.He said this could be your mom, sister, or family. If you have any information in this case please call the sheriff department at580- 353-4280. You will remain anonymous and your help could solve this investigation.

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