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Duncan man arrested for murder

(Source Stephens County Sheriff's Department) (Source Stephens County Sheriff's Department)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan man is behind bars after he confessed to killing a man.

Saturday night around 9:00 p.m., police went to a home on West Elder on a missing person's request. Once they were there, they found the body of who we now know to be 64-year-old Cecil Jackson.

Police said that missing person's request came from a man who said he was worried that 53-year-old James King had done something to Jackson.

"That gentleman called in and said he's been missing for about a week and I haven't seen him and Mr. King is driving his car,” said Lt. John Byers with the Duncan Police Department. “I haven't seen him, there's things that aren't right, some statements that Mr. King's made that just lead me to believe something might have happened to him."

When police found Jackson's body, that phone call led to King being one of their prime suspects. They pinged his phone and found him, along with Jackson's car, at the Newcastle Gaming Center. They brought him back to the Duncan Police Department Sunday morning to begin questioning him.

"Mr. King later confessed to killing Cecil Jackson,” Lt. Byers said. “At that point, he was already under arrest and he was taken to the Stephens County Jail for murder at that time."

Lieutenant Byers said King has not yet been formally charged, though he expects that will happen soon. They are still working to piece together exactly what happened.

“He didn't really give what we call a motive at this time,” Lt. Byers said. “We have our kind of, our own conclusions, our own ideas of why. A lot of times we don't get motive, sometimes we do but I think it will come out eventually the exact motive."

Lieutenant Byers said he spoke with the Jackson family this morning and they are naturally upset about the loss of their loved one.

"They are happy the gentleman we believe to be responsible for that murder is in custody and is not a threat to any else at this time,” Byers said.

Byers said the Duncan Police Department is still investigating and if anyone has any more information on the case, they are encouraged to come forward.

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