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Discover Oklahoma- Roman Nose State Park in Watonga

WATONGA, OK-  Oklahoma’s outdoor beauty begs to be explored! And may is the perfect time to plan those adventures as we embrace nature’s vitality. This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, get a glimpse of the beauty of Roman Nose State Park in Watonga.

Roman nose is not only one of the original seven state parks, it’s also the state’s smallest state park with a lodge. But its 540 acres contain many geological and historical qualities that are quite unique. And at the top of that list would be the springs.

 “The springs is the most popular place in the park and for good reason because, I said everybody comes for a different reason. For some it’s recreation, for some its play, for some it’s leisure. And the springs meets all those needs for people so you can sit and relax and enjoy it. It’s peaceful as can be.”

I’d been telling my family about the springs here for a long time and how peaceful, charming and tranquil they are. And like me on every single trip here, they too were caught up in the beauty, as well as the absorbing and captivating nature the springs provide on this their first trip to roman nose.

You can see more of that story as well as explore the Mohawk Lodge in Clinton; see a Route 66 landmark now housing vintage motorcycles; check out your not your average health food store and the place in Durant that’s very popular with the locals for great comfort food…all that and more on Discover Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!

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