A Child Who Hopes: Meet Jaden

A Child Who Hopes: Meet Jaden

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- A fun-loving 12-year-old with a passion for science is looking for a family to call his own.

Lacy Lett learned more about Jaden at the Science Museum Oklahoma where he got a hands-on lesson in physics.

"How do you feel about spiders?"

"I have caught a tarantula before."

But ask Jaden to hold the resident tarantula named Victoria and it's a different story.

"That thing doesn't attack, does it?"

"No! Oh no! She's going to start screaming. I can see the future."

This 12-year-old loves to tease me. It might be because he was in his element at Science Museum Oklahoma.

"Well, I like to do science experiments. I've studied rocks, I've studied water."

And he loved this experiment demonstrating inertia.

"As you move the tray, the lips of it catches the bottom of the tube and knocks it out the way."

Science is Jaden's favorite subject in school. He tells us he makes mostly A's.

"Do you want to take it out there and do it on the stage?"

"Nooo, I have stage fright."

But not for long.

"Jaden our in-house scientist is ready to demonstrate for us! Go ahead Jaden!"

In an instant, Jaden got over his fears and shined as a scientist.

"That went well."

When he's not in school, Jaden likes to play sports.

"I'm a really good runner and a good catcher."

He also likes playing football and basketball but football may be his favorite sport to play. However, he said his teammates are constantly changing as he moves from home to home. It's been his life for the past few years.

"I'm kind of really getting tired of just being in facilities and foster homes," Jaden said.

It is a hurdle the fun boy who just wants to live a normal life.

"Every kid deserves a place to live but not every kid has one," he said.

It's a story unfortunately shared by thousands in Oklahoma right now. But he's hoping he can change his stars with a family to call his own.

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