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Cache residents to vote on $25.8 million school bond

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CACHE, OK (KSWO) - Residents of the Cache Public School district will head to the polls on May 9 to decide the fate of a $25.8 million school bond.

That school bond will be used to make significant upgrades to several departments.  Those upgrades would include building new STEM classes, expanding the band and vocal music rooms, purchasing new textbooks and more.

One reason people oppose school bond proposals in general is the fear of increasing taxes, but Cache Superintendent Chad Hance said for this proposal, that shouldn't be a problem.

"We're projecting now as it is no tax increase,” Hance said. “Depending on our district's valuation, we're intending to see some growth. We've grown every year for the past decade. With the projected growth, we should see minimal to no impact on our taxes at all.

Currently, more than 300 kids all have to share one small science lab. That's one problem Hance said the school bond would help to fix.

"Our intention is to have three more science labs that we can utilize and our focus would be on science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” Hance said. “Those rooms would also serve as a safe room. Our high school currently does not have a safe room."

Classes focusing on STEM learning are a growing trend in education. Hance said they owe it to their students to offer them that kind of education.

"Because a lot of the jobs that are being introduced these days in Oklahoma have that background and we feel like it's our responsibility that we provide them with a strong foundation," Hance said.

The money will also be used to upgrade the school's band room.

"Currently band is one of our biggest growing activities we have on our campus and basically we've outgrown the facility we're using now and we would utilize the much needed more space,” Hance said.

The bond would also cover building a new seminar room providing college style classes and will address traffic issues on campus and pay for new playground equipment. Along with providing more internet capabilities and iPads, it will also pay to replace old textbooks that are falling apart.

"Right now, our kids don't take textbooks home because we don't have enough of them,” Hance said. “So, we're asking our kids to do homework without textbooks. It's a huge need for us here."

The bond proposal will need 60-percent of the vote to pass. Election day is Tuesday, May 9th. 

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