Cameron Capstone class presents project to Department of Defense

Cameron Capstone class presents project to Department of Defense

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A group of 54 students in a computing and technology capstone class at Cameron presented their software development project to their client on Tuesday, The Department of Defense. The students were split into two teams and have been working for four months to complete an online Fires Division library that was originally projected to take 2 years to complete.

After four months of long hours in the library while juggling other classes and two jobs, Matthew Hunt, a senior student at Cameron feels exhausted, but really proud after the presentation he and his team put together. He was assigned as the Computer Science Team Lead for Team One.

"I organized the design of Middleware and then integrated with multi-media team their styles and different features.," said Hunt. "And the data base, we had to resolve a few issues with data base designs, so accessing the data base, accessing data to present and change."

Linda Paridon, the Supervisor Computer Specialist on Fort Sill first proposed this project to Cameron before the fall semester last year. She says it will be a huge benefit for more than 250 Defense Department employees who are located in either Maryland, or Fort Sill.

"It's going to give the organization a one-stop repository for the employees to find processes, training, templates, checklists and anything that they need to do their job," said

She awarded each student with a letter of recommendation from the Department of Defense after all the presentations today because of the hard work these students did for free. She hopes each student grew as a person and understands the importance of working with other people.

"I hope that they learned they can work in a team and what is required when working as a team," said
Paridon. "That everyone has their special talents and they can work together no matter who they are on the team and everyone has something important to contribute."

Hunt says this class was an great experience and has better prepared him to make his dreams come true.

"My plan down the road is to start a web-design company on my own and then I could have some folks working with me," said Hunt.

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