Sister of homicide victim speaks out

Sister of homicide victim speaks out

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The sisters of a man who was killed in Duncan last week spoke on his big heart and devotion to his family.

Police found the body of 64-year-old Cecil Jackson in a dumpster at his home after a caller asked them to check on him.

53-year-old James King, a homeless man who Jackson had been letting stay at his home, was later arrested and confessed to the murder.

Jackson's family said King beat Jackson to death while he slept, then put his body in the trash, and pawned some of Jackson's belongings.

His sister, Marilyn Idlebird, said Jackson was the fifth of 12 and everyone in the family took his death hard.

"I know that we all have to go but I think it would've been easier if it had been medically related and natural causes but murder? I can't stomach it," Idlebird said. "That's the part that I can't stomach."

Jackson and his siblings grew up in Lawton and spread out across the country as they got older. Jackson spent some time serving in the military before ultimately settling down in Duncan

Idlebird now lives in Texas, but she came back to Oklahoma after hearing about the murder. She said the hardest part thus far was going to the funeral home and being told that she couldn't see her brother because of the condition his body is in.

When asked to describe Jackson Idlebird couldn't help but laugh through the tears and say that he was a typical brother.

"We're a close-knit family although we don't live close," Idlebird said. "I mean if you call him, no matter what time of the day or the hour, no matter where you are, how far or how close, he's coming. If you need him to help you move or just come babysit your kids, that was the way Cecil was."

The family said now they're just trying to arrange a proper funeral service for their brother, but money is proving to be a problem.

"He has to sit there until we can pay them," Idlebird said. It's no payment plan, no payment arrangements, it's full monies and we're just asking the public's help."

The family is doing what they can to come up with the money, but they have also set up a go-fund-me account in hopes of being able to bury Cecil soon.

If you'd like to help them click here.

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