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OK teacher forced to donate plasma to make ends meet

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NEWCASTLE, OK (KOCO)-  It’s a dire situation, and One teacher has the scars to prove that teachers across the state are looking for other jobs and ways to make ends meet while hoping lawmakers approve a pay raise.

Jay Thomas, a fifth-grade teacher at Newcastle Elementary School, gives plasma every week to help pay the bills and supplement his income. He loves teaching, but the pay isn't much.

“I've got a permanent scar doing that. Just did it yesterday,” Thomas said. “I've been doing it for a couple of years. I've given over 100 times. It's twice a week.”

Thomas is a 16 year veteran teacher who makes under $40,000 a year after taxes. Giving plasma gives him and his wife, who is also a teacher, a little extra although it isn’t much.

“I get about 65 bucks a week,” Thomas said anything helps his family of four. “I have to give plasma twice a week. Sometime just to buy groceries at some point. Also to pay a little bit of the bills.”

He’s not the only teacher doing this: “Every time I go there, there's at least four or five other teachers from here that do it too,” Thomas said.

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