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Survey shows conditions of streets in Duncan

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- A recent survey of the condition of the city streets in Duncan showed 92 percent of them were rated as fair or worse.

On average, The Public Works Department receives about a dozen calls a week from residents complaining about the road conditions in their neighborhood.

So now, the city is in the beginning stages of putting together a proposal for a Capital Improvements Program that would raise the money needed to fix those streets.  

Public Works Director Alex Henry said he didn't have an exact number since it's so early in the process, but that it would take millions and millions of dollars to upgrade and fix the streets. Driving down several streets in Duncan can be a challenge swerving past potholes and getting rattled by bumps and cracks in the pavement.  

"Everybody realizes that we've got a lot of streets that need attention, but this just helps quantify it, its something we can put a number to and really understand it. You ride down a road and you go well that wasn't in great shape but this helps us identify what segment or road or areas need the most attention," Henry said.

Henry said the busier streets like Chisholm Trail Parkway are in better condition compared to some of the residential streets like West Jefferson and Woodlawn Avenue, and the intersection of Mulberry Avenue and 7th Street South.

"They're the smaller roads that are generally less traveled, they are in much more disrepair than the arterial streets in general," Henry said.

But, Henry knows that trying to convince residents to vote in favor of a revenue bond will be tough.

In May of 2013, voters in Duncan rejected a hike in property taxes to raise 9-million dollars to fix their streets. In 2007, voters rejected a similar proposals for road improvements. Henry hopes the hard statistics of the survey will sway them.

"I think it's a well known need and with this study that we put together now that we can actually quantify and put a number to it so that people know that not only are the roads bad they can know exactly how bad. The idea is to be as open and transparent as we can, we want input from the public ,ultimately its their roads, they pay to maintain them," said Henry.

In the next couple of weeks there will be a map added to the city of Duncan's website page so residents can see what rating their neighborhood received and they will also be able to provide feedback.Henry said it will take several months to get the plan finalized. Once they do that, they can determine which roads need the most work.

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