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The importance of saving the bees

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- They swarm in hundreds of thousands and now is the time you'll start to see them. I'm talking about bees and if you see a hive, you are urged to call a professional.

Jack Dyer has been with the Stephen's County Beekeeper's Association for two years and tells us why these insects are so important:

“I'm a bee keeper enthusiast. This time of year, April and May, the bees will be swarming as they come out of winter and form a swarm. Usually in a tree, sometimes on a wall or a house.”

“It's important to not badger the beehives because even regular honey bees can be dangerous to you.”

“It's important that you let someone know where they are at if they are in your home or a tree. When you see them, just stay clear of them and call the county extension office and we can come out and take care of them so we can save the bees so we can keep from losing the population of them.”

“Bees pollinate 70 different types of food that we consume out of the 90 strands of food there is. So if we lose the bees, we won't have up to 70 types of food.”

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