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Lawton believers celebrate National Day of Prayer

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- On Thursday people of all faiths across the nation gathered for the National Day of Prayer.

Believers in the area headed to Lawton's City Hall for a full day of prayer and worship.

The day was broken into three sessions focusing on self-prayer, repentance, and prayer for leaders in the nation.

Lawton has observed the National Day of Prayer for nearly 10 years.

"Prayer is powerful," said Jamie Southerland, event attendee.

Southerland who attended the afternoon prayer session says she developed a relationship with God seven years ago.

She described her prayer life as tithing but, not just with money.

 "I think of it in terms of my day," said Southerland. "So, I get up every morning and title the first part of my day to the Lord and I believe he blesses the rest."

And on this national day of prayer Southerland wasn't the only one reflecting on her relationship with God.

Lawton's Mayor Fred Fitch who spoke at the prayer breakfast said he observes the national day of prayer 365 days a year.

"It's something that's very close and personal to me," said Fitch. "I've had many experiences in life that it was good that I've had that confidence that I could go to my Christ and have prayer and get through those turmoil's."

Event Coordinator Barbara Curry said that was her hope for the day, that people not only took a moment to pray for others but, also draw closer to God.

"When we pray we put ourselves in tune with the creator," said Curry. "He is the Father, He is Elohim. He created us all and if we are not in touch with him we are not in touch with what is going on around us. We are not in touch with our purpose."

She encouraged those who were unable to make it to the prayer sessions on this day to still take the time to come together with other believers in prayer.

"Only God can put us on the path of purpose that he's designed for us," said Curry. "I believe frustration is nothing more than purpose unfulfilled and so today is a good day to come in and reconnect with the corporate body of Christ. So, we can all be made whole, move forward and become better citizens and be more effective members of the body of Christ."

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