Local students recall roller coaster scare

Local students recall roller coaster scare
(Source: KOCO)
(Source: KOCO)

GERONIMO, OK (KSWO) - Three Geronimo students discussed a field trip that turned frightening when they got stranded on a roller coaster at Frontier City Amusement Park in Oklahoma City.

Around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, the Silver Bullet stopped after its safety system automatically shut it off. It took firefighters and employees of the park about two hours to get all 19 of the passengers down safely.

Three of those 19 passengers were Geronimo students. The excitement the three girls were feeling soon turned to fear when the coaster stopped more than 80 feet off the ground.

"I started freaking out I had a panic attack while we were still up there," Maddie Buchmann said. "Georgia was trying to calm me down, Caroline was in the background trying to calm me down, but it didn't work and it ended up being worse."

Buchmann said she ended up covering her face so she wouldn't have to see what was below her.

Before the ride started, Georgia Neff was trying to get prime seats.

"I wanted to be in the front," Neff said. "But then I got in the middle, and whenever it stopped, I was like thank God I'm in the middle."

It was Caroline Morales' first time riding a coaster and said at first she thought nothing of what would be a terrifying ordeal to some.

"Until like a few minutes I was like are we supposed to get out or yeah, okay, we're stuck," Caroline said. "We're stuck for sure."

The girls had been stuck for some time when Caroline's mom, who was also at the park, realized her daughter was stranded on the ride.

"I ran over there, and then I actually walked to the side of the roller coaster and looked up and she waved at me," Holly said. "My first thought was to sit as still as you can, put your hands in there, don't move. When I realized she was waving, then I realized she probably wasn't really too frightened or too scared."

Caroline said she was cold and ready to get off the ride she felt like she had been on for hours.

"I was like please get me off," she said. "I want to get off."

After the girls had been there for nearly an hour, they were finally rescued, and brought to the ground. Once safe, they became some of the most popular students there.

"Every single kid in our class started talking to us," Neff said. "They were like 'WOW! You got stuck up there? Really?' And then we were like yup."
Students from MacArthur and Anadarko Middle Schools were also at Frontier City today as part of a special field trip hosted by the park, but they were NOT on the roller coaster when it got stuck.

This is the second time in less than a year that this ride has gotten stuck.

The roller coaster is closed until an investigation is completed.

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