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Local emergency officials hold charity basketball game

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton Police Department and the Lawton Fire Department both battled it out on Sunday for their annual benefit basketball game. Yet again, Lawton Fire Department came out with the winning title. Proceeds from the game go to 'Shop with a Cop' program and the Robert G. Tahbonemah scholarship.

Greg Adams has come out to the annual charity game for three years now.

He said each time is well worth showing his support.

“It's been fun to watch,” Adams said. “Fun to see it develop into just a nice charity event and seeing the contradictory between the two teams."

He said his hope was to see Lawton police department to take home the title. But he said to also more importantly see the two departments raise money for the community.

"The charity event is what it's all about,’Adams said. “It's really nice we see everybody. We don't always see all the other officers that are in the department. It's nice to be able to play and see them outside of the uniform and same with the firemen and see them instead of just in a high-stress situation."

Alex Hadley with the Lawton Fire Department said that's their goal every year, to bond with the other department away from work.

"Most of us are former athletes, so it's fun to get out and compete and play in front of some people that you know and love,” Hadley said. “And it makes it even better that it's for a couple of good causes."

The money raised from the game will be split between both of the department's nonprofit contributions.

Lawton police department's 'Shop with a Cop' program is a shopping spree where members of the Fraternal Order of Police take students in low-income situations to a store to buy them Christmas presents.

"We'll go to every elementary school and get students, and we'll give them one hundred dollars," Lawton Police Public Information Officer Timothy Jenkins said. "They'll get to shop at Target or wherever we're at this year. And they'll get to buy toys for themselves, brother and sisters, family, or anybody they want to."

Lawton fire departments Robert G. Tahbonemah scholarship is given to a local high school student in Tahbonemah's memory, a former firefighter who died of cancer in 2010.

Which is exactly what Adams said the focus of the day was: to play for those in need.

"Everybody's got the rivalry between the fire department and the police department, but it's nice to see them bring together and bring the community together for a charity event,” Adams said.

Lawton Fire Department beat the police department 68-61.

The Lawton Police Department said they're looking forward to rematch this summer.

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